About Us

An augmented version of survey kiosks, W.I.T.H. Digital (“W.I.T.H.”) arms users with the ability to capture digital payments while simultaneously mining for satisfaction metrics. Our smart algorithms generate unique insights that give organizations a rare glimpse into their staff’s day-to-day productivity and real-time levels of service - information that is currently unavailable today. W.I.T.H. effectively optimizes the utility function of organizations and their staff, which results in better corporate governance and improved overall working conditions.


To become the leading data & analytics point-of-give software provider, empowering service and charitable organizations that rely on small payments and micro-donations all over the world.


To supply industry leaders with powerful day-to-day insights, while putting more money into the pockets of hard working servicemen & women, improve their well-being & help them adapt to an ever growing cashless society.


To optimize organizational efficiency by transforming the way we give, tip or donate.

A few words from our founder

I broke my hand a few years back... And it was pouring rain when my cab driver pulled over. Though he meant well, he was an elderly gentleman and was unable to help me with my luggage. Soaked, I squatted and struggled to lift my travel bag over the bumper with my only working hand. But suddenly, I felt the bag being pulled from the other side, then quickly shoved into the trunk. Turns out, it was a bellhop from the hotel next door that came dashing to our rescue. He stood drenched in his oversized trainee uniform, beaming with pride. The driver and I smiled back and thanked him, and I sheepishly apologized for not having any change. He urged me not to worry. The event made me realize that perhaps we needed to shift our focus from the concept of a point of sale to what we call a point of give solution. And it really made me wonder - how many other people, industries, businesses around the world are affected by the disappearance of cash? It proved to be more than I had ever imagined.