Turning micropayments into analytics you've never seen before.

Designed for quick and convenient bite-sized transactions such as tips, donations and even small purchases, W.I.T.H. has developed a digital payment solution which easily allows payments to be made by tapping debit/credit cards or digital wallets directly onto smart devices. Using innovative and intelligent algorithms, we mine and transform the transactional data into real-time productivity metrics, giving our clients unique insights into their company’s performance.

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Our Point of Give Solution

makes giving easy.

How it works

Whether you are a hotel manager with independent earners, a valet company whose staff shares tips, a charity that pools donations or an individual simply wanting to streamline cash collections, we’ve simplified the onboarding process for you.

Quick set-up and easy onboarding for individuals or businesses

Stand-alone payment solution that won’t affect existing POS system

Secure payments and PCI Compliant

In a world where fewer people carry cash, access to digital payment has become essential.

Mobile smart devices easily worn or placed on countertops, floors and walls make giving possible by anyone, anywhere (clips, stands and molds included)

Integrated hardware/software solution enables cashless tips and drives new sources of revenue

Funds are deposited directly into user account given straight through processing

Since giving - especially tipping - can be awkward, we’ve made the process quick and painless.

Select: from a list of suggested on-screen amounts displayed on a smart phone or tablet

Tap: via debit/credit card or Apple/Android wallet for payment

Pay: with sense of gratification knowing that you’ve made a difference

Once a transaction is complete, we gather and translate the data into real-time productivity metrics, providing business owners and managers with rare insights into overall company performance.

Real-time monitoring of venue productivity and levels of customer service

Access to custom dashboards with historical data and trend analysis

Intelligent insights and automated employee time tracking, revenue splitting and reporting functionalities.

Simply by transforming the way we give, tip or donate.

Businesses will collect deep insights while displaying corporate social responsibility

Staff wages will improve alongside service levels and employee turnover

Patrons with a genuine desire to give can easily do so without the need to scour for an ATM

Charities will reach their objectives faster by adding a new digital collection channel

Who benefits


From hotels and resorts, valet companies, charitable organizations, event planning groups, restaurants and even independent owners, we arm businesses with a tool that allows them to quantify performance and improve brand perception through better social governance. Studies show that companies that practice good governance achieve better reputation, lower staff turnover and experience increases in sales, investor visibility and customer loyalty.


Bellhops, door staff, valet attendants, housekeepers, concierges, charity sponsors, shuttle drivers and event organizers: this is only a short list of servicemen and women who depend on collections/donations/tips to survive in an increasingly cashless world. By enabling hard-working people to accept digital payments through our solution, we aim to enhance their well-being, their working conditions and overall motivation.

Giving back at a critical time

In a post-COVID-19 world, the health and safety of workers and volunteers relying on donations and tips is of paramount importance. We ensure the continuity of this income stream, one that many people depend on to survive, without having to rely on unsanitary notes and coins.

In a time where the service industry has suffered devastating job losses, employers adopting this solution strongly exhibit their commitment to their staff and ensure the sustainability and human development of their organization.

Our Partners

Often the intention of giving is there, but the change we carry in our pockets is not.

Which leads us to wonder: Where Is The Heart?

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